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How do supervision opportunities work at Motivo?

How does supervision opportunities work at Motivo?

At Motivo, we provide two supervision models that cater to the various needs of our supervisees and employer partners. We offer a self pay supervision approach, where supervisees independently manage and pay for their supervision, and employer funded opportunities, where supervision is structured through employer partnerships that Motivo manages. There are some differences between these two models, so understanding these differences will help you to effectively support your supervisees in the best possible way.

Self pay supervision: In this approach, supervisees take the lead in managing their own supervision process, including setting the supervision frequency and handling all associated costs. You will interact directly with the supervisee, providing guidance and oversight without intermediary involvement. While the supervisee manages their supervision independently, you, as the supervisor, will still be paid through Motivo, not directly by the supervisee.

Employer funded opportunities: This approach is designed for employers who hire pre-licensed clinicians or student trainees and seek a structured supervision solution as an employee benefit. These employers partner with Motivo to ensure their pre-licensed clinicians receive high-quality supervision that meets specific requirements. In this model, each employer is assigned a dedicated Motivo account manager who facilitates communication and coordination between you, the employer, and the supervisee(s).

This structured setup aligns the supervision process with the employer's objectives, ensuring everyone involved has a seamless and effective experience. Please note: Sometimes, employers may manage the matching and outreach to supervisors directly. For more information on employers who opt to manage their own process, please see the dedicated section below.

Key difference at a glance:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Supervisors at Motivo

How long does it take to get supervision opportunities?

Supervision opportunities at Motivo can vary depending on demand, your specialty, availability, and experience. We work hard to connect our approved supervisors with opportunities as quickly as possible once they are published. However, please understand that demand can fluctuate. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to keep your profile up to date to increase your chances of being matched. Thank you for being a valued part of our community!

Is an intro call mandatory for all supervisors in both types of opportunities?

Self Pay supervisees: an introductory call is mandatory before being able to match on the supervisor dashboard. Employer funded opportunities: Introductory calls can vary. Sometimes the employer conducts the intro call while other times our account manager handles the matching process. In some cases, the supervisees themselves may schedule the intro call.

To read more about intro calls, please read our help center article: Clinical supervision intro call overview

What are the main differences between the self pay opportunities and employer funded opportunities?

Self-pay supervision: In this model, supervisees manage their own supervision preferences and cover the associated costs. While they don't have an account manager, our support team is always available to help with any questions you or the supervisee might have.

Employer funded opportunities: These opportunities are overseen by an account manager who serves as a liaison between the supervisor, employer, and supervisee(s). Supervisees come through our partner employers, and supervision is provided as an employee benefit. The employer sets specific requirements that need to be met for supervision. The account manager ensures everything runs smoothly and meets the employer’s standards.

What is the role of an account manager in each supervision approach?

Self pay supervision: Account managers are not involved in this model; however, our support team is always here to help with any questions you or the supervisee might have.

Employer funded opportunity: The account manager plays a key role in this model. They facilitate communication, oversee processes, and meet employer-specific needs. They are always available to support both supervisors and supervisees, making sure everything runs smoothly.

How does communication work for self pay supervision?

Once you have an intro call, you have the option to directly message the supervisee on the chat feature to clarify any questions you may have. Once matched, we highly recommend that you continue using the chat feature throughout the supervision relationship.

How does communication work for employer funded supervision?

Communication for employer funded supervision can vary. Initially, an account manager will reach out via email to gauge your interest in the opportunity. Once you accept, you can connect with the supervisee or employer through the chat feature on your supervisor dashboard. Some employers may also prefer to use email, so it’s essential to follow the employer's communication preference to ensure smooth interactions.

Are administrative hours available for self pay supervision?

At this time, administrative tasks are not compensated for in this model.

Are administrative hours available for employer funded opportunities supervision?

Administrative hours are set by an employer for different tasks and are in addition to supervision hours and Motivo notes. The number of administrative hours varies based on the employer's needs. The account manager will organize these hours and share compensation details during outreach.

How should supervision notes be handled in each approach?

Self pay supervisee: Keeping supervision notes is optional but recommended for personal tracking and professional development. Documenting your sessions is a good practice for monitoring progress and growth.

Employer funded opportunity: Supervision notes must adhere to specific requirements set by the employer. These notes should be submitted along with attendance records and completed within 24 hours, and no later than 5 days after each session. Following these guidelines ensures compliance and effective communication.

How should state board regulations be handled in self pay supervision versus employer funded opportunities?

State board regulations should be consistently applied in both self pay supervision and employer- funded opportunities. Compliance with state board regulations is important for supervisees, regardless of the payment arrangement, as it ensures they meet the requirements for licensure. Therefore, it is necessary that supervision, whether self- pay or employer funded, adheres to the standards set by state licensure regulations.

What should a supervisor do if there are changes to the supervision agreement?

Changes in any supervision agreement should be communicated promptly. For those who have agreed to an employer funded opportunity, any adjustments should be coordinated through the account manager to ensure compliance with employer stipulations and to facilitate any necessary modifications.

Are you able to conduct dyad and group sessions for self pay supervisees?

If the state allows dyad and group sessions, you are welcome to facilitate them. However, please keep in mind that you will need to build your own caseload, which might take some time. Additionally, please note that you cannot combine self-supervisees with supervisees from employer-funded opportunities.

How does dyad & group supervision session work for Employer funded opportunities?

When it comes to employer-funded opportunities, dyad and group sessions must be approved by the employer first and can’t be mixed with supervisees who are self pay.

How can I tell if the supervision opportunity is self pay or employer funded from the Motivo dashboard?

Employer opportunities facilitated by an account manager will land in your opportunity tab on your dashboard.

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How do employers who handle their own supervision process work?

There are instances where employers prefer to facilitate their own supervision process. In these cases, although an account manager is available to assist, the employer has opted out of using their assistance for finding their supervisors. Instead, these employers have selected you personally by browsing the directory and requesting an intro call with you. During this call, you and the employer will connect to discuss and agree on a supervision agreement. Once you both decide to move forward, the employer will onboard their supervisees and you will have to accept the match on your dashboard. It’s important to maintain close communication throughout this process. After the match is made, you can manage your supervisee relationships through the dashboard.

To learn how to accept opportunities, please read our next article: How to accept supervision opportunities.

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