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Motivo connects new therapists with experienced clinical supervisors from the beginning to the end of the therapist licensure process. Our online platform is both secure and easy to use. We’re ready to show you how we can help.

We bring clinical supervision to everyone online

Get clinical supervision completely online with Motivo

For Therapists Seeking Supervision

Get quality clinical supervision completely online.

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Become a Motivo supervisor and offer clinical supervision.

Manage your clinical supervision practice for institutions, agencies, and universities

For Agencies, Institutions, & Universities

Enable your staff or students with an all-in-one clinical supervision platform.

Yes — you can find and meet with a supervisor online

Most states in the US now allow for pre-licensed therapists to complete their supervision requirements online. (Psttt… that’s where Motivo can help!)

We even pulled together the research on which states allow online clinical supervision.

The world’s largest online clinical supervision platform

Motivo is the largest clinical supervision platform connecting counselors, supervisors, and healthcare organizations for virtual supervision.

Everything you need for clinical supervision

Out-of-the-box, Motivo comes with everything supervisors, counselors, and employers need to virtually track their supervision hours, log supervision sessions, and chart their path toward licensure.

Trusted by the
American Counseling Association

“We are excited that the solutions provided through Motivo deliver enhanced access to clinical supervisors—while also easing some of the pain points that can occur along the path to licensure.”

Richard Yep, CEO of American Counseling Association

Richard Yep, CEO
American Counseling Association

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