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We solve clinical supervision
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We match our top rated clinical supervisors with your associate-level therapists.

These organizations trust Motivo with their clinical supervision

We remove the burden of clinical supervision

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The problem
Motivo’s solution

Caseloads and waiting lists are expanding because of the ever-growing need for services

Our clinical supervisors free your licensed therapists to focus on billable time and other administrative duties

Programs suffer and patients are put on hold when a clinical supervisor leaves

Motivo’s network of 1,200+ clinical supervisors means no gaps in care

Staying on top of state licensure regulations is burdensome, especially in multiple states

Motivo has some of the nation’s foremost experts in licensing regulations & compliance

Motivo helps our partners improve recruitment, retention, and quality of care

Our clinical supervisors are (truly) amazing.

We understand that your organization has it’s own special sauce, and our clinical supervisors come alongside.

That means you have an ally — a specialist who ensures your patients are getting the best possible mental health care from your clinicians.

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"I work at a Domestic Violence Center and we contract out our clinical supervisors with Motivo. They are hands down the best agency to work with when it comes to contracting supervisors for our clinicians- from their super responsive customer service, to their great attitude, to the quality of the supervisor they provide, they get 5 stars all the way around.

Motivo leaves us feeling confident in the supervisors we have for our clinicians."

Nefta Pereda

Chief Program Officer Radiant Futures (domestic violence center)

"Motivo’s platform offers an effective approach to clinical supervision, which has a direct impact on strengthening the mental health workforce in California. We look forward to working together to support our member counties.

...our partnership with Motivo Health will help us achieve our goal of improving access to public behavioral health systems and programs for all Californians."

Lucero Robles

Quality Assurance and Compliance Director at CalMHSA

"One of the things we really like about Motivo is... it's as simple as clicking a link and filling out a very brief electronic form and then they do all the rest of the work.

They pair up our counselor with one of their supervisors. It's just so easy to use and there's such a vast network now.

Motivo has been able to... provide support and supervision to our counselors in every state we're in."

David Long

Chief Talent Officer at Pinnacle Treatment Centers

Our 1,200 supervisors have something in common

They believe clinical supervision is more than just a regulatory hoop to jump through.

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of our supervisors are BIPOC


of our supervisors hold a specialized clinical credential


of our supervisors are LGBTQ+

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