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We solve clinical supervision for
community providers

We offer clinical supervision in all 50 states for clinical social workers, professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and addiction counselors.

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Community-based organizations that partner with Motivo

We understand that community-based providers are a high-pressure environment.

Our supervisors support your early career clinicians in understanding complex, often co-occurring, disorders.

Our supervisors partner with employers to reduce burnout and improve provider retention.

Our supervisors understand the realities of community-based settings, mandated treatment, and funding issues.

Create an amazing environment where your associate therapists can thrive.

Improve their clinical skills

Help their patients

Grow in their careers

You can support your mission to serve your community

“The quality of supervision allows for someone who might be able to supervise here on-site to focus on other things to make our organization better, as a whole, to serve survivors.

So that’s the way we present it to the board. That’s the way we put it into our numbers, and we fix it into our budget. And that’s the way we write it in our contract.”

Dr. Nefta Pereda

Chief Program Officer, Radiant Futures (domestic violence center)

When you invest in your clinicians, you raise the quality of the care you provide

You become a more attractive employer and fill positions faster.

You increase job satisfaction so quality of care improves for your patients.

You improve worker retention — improving continuity of care and treatment completion.

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Partnering with Motivo for clinical supervision means reducing the strain on your staff

Match by Motivo

We match your therapists with our vetted clinical supervisors in just a few days.

Magic in the dashboard

You monitor progress, billing, and communication through our easy-to-use employer dashboard.

Compliance included

Our compliance department stays on top of regulatory changes and keeps you informed.

Complications are non-issues

If you have a problem with a supervisor or if one leaves, we’ll quickly replace with a new one… No gap in service.

How the dashboard works

Solve clinical supervision for your organization or treatment center

If you have 20 minutes, we’d love to show you how easy that can be.

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