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Motivo solves clinical supervision

At Motivo, we believe new therapists coming out of graduate school are the best possible answer to the mental health worker shortage currently affecting behavioral health organizations.

Our mission is to give them the best possible foundation so they can begin a life-long career helping people.


Of U.S. population live in a Mental Health Shortage Area (MHSA)


new therapists graduate and enter the workforce every year


of those new graduates leave before reaching licensure

Motivo means “foundation”

We focus on clinical supervision because the guidance, feedback, and support this relationship provides establishes the foundational skills they’ll need to help their clients, manage their caseloads, and find joy in their work for a long time to come.

Motivo was founded by a therapist to solve a huge problem

When Rachel McCrickard was in clinical supervision, she drove two hours to get to her clinical supervision appointment. She paid for her sessions out-of-pocket. Every week, she sacrificed a whole day of billable hours for that one hour with her clinical supervisor.

She knew there had to be a better way — for her and every therapist.

New associate clinicians face many obstacles

Counseling jobs are plentiful but it’s hard to find employers willing to hire associate-level therapists.

Positions that are open to them involve some of the most overwhelming and difficult caseloads in the profession.

Associate-level pay for Master’s level therapists is often lower than hourly rates for area fast food restaurants.

State regulations are mind-boggling and clinical supervision is difficult to find and expensive.

But when employers provide clinical supervision with Motivo,
they discover surprising outcomes

Recruitment goes up

Job offers are accepted faster and start dates come sooner when you provide clinical supervision as a benefit.

Retention improves

Associate therapists are motivated to stay beyond licensure when they feel supported by their company. It's a win/win!

Efficiency booms

Partners report happier clinicians when supervision is focused on patient care and skill building, rather than workplace dilemmas.

Wondering if Motivo will work for your organization? (We bet it will)

Let’s find out

Our core values guide how we serve employers, clinicians, and clinical supervisors

We intentionally foster an environment of self-work and cultural humility. We are curious and introspective. We engage in lifelong learning.

We are committed to our cause of solving the shortage of mental health providers and we focus on the areas that yield the most impactful results.

When we see a problem or concern, we feel empowered to fix it. We trust each other to make the right decisions.

We are empathic, open-minded, and honest. We use direct, clear and kind communication and we always assume good intent.

Meet the team

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Mike Chen

Chief Technical Officer, Co-Founder

Carla Smith, Ph.D, LCSW, LMFT

Chief Clinical Officer

Allie Long

Senior Vice President of Business Operations

Jon Stout

Chief Business Officer

Motivo’s Advisory Council

Motivo’s Advisory Council works with us to identify common needs and concerns across the behavioral health landscape — especially how behavioral health workforce issues directly affect employers.

Together, we test ideas that bring lasting answers for employers, clinicians, and the people they serve.

Dr Neftali Pereda

Radiant Futures

Chief Programs Officer

Erin Scott-Haines

Discovery Mood & Anxiety Disorder

Director of Clinical Supervision

Virna Little

Concert Health


Jeremy Mercer


Vice President, Proposal Strategy & Solutions

LaTonya Pendleton

Youth Villages

Chief Human Resources Officer

David Long

Pinnacle Treatment Center

Chief People Officer

Celeste Nevarez

Emergence Health Network

Chief of Clinical Services

Dr Adina Ascher

Liberation Institute

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Rebecca Murray

Oak Street Health 

Senior Clinical Director

Carla Myers

Bridge Health

Clinical Director

Jon Peeples

Affect Therapeutics

Chief Medical Officer

Erin McCarthy

Acadia Healthcare

Regional Vice President, CTC – South

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