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Motivo is only as good as our clinical supervisors. When you supervise with Motivo, you help associate therapists build upon their skills and experience so they develop a solid foundation for a long, worthwhile career.

If being a clinical supervisor is your thing, even if it’s one of your things... we’d love for you to supervise with us.

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"Motivo Health has been such a great experience for me as a clinical supervisor. I've had the pleasure of being matched with a number of supervisees through Motivo across the State of California - most of which I would not have had the opportunity to support on my own."

Jennifer Calderon, LMFT

Motivo supervisor

"It’s a great pleasure to provide supervision through this platform. I’ve found the supervisors and account managers to be excellent - very responsive and supportive. I have been matched with several associates, and love how easy it is to work with them."

Miranda Furie, LCSW

Motivo supervisor

Frequently asked questions

Requirements to become a clinical supervisor are different in every state and often different for every license — but most states require a couple of years of licensed clinical experience and continuing education units or certification in clinical supervision.

Check with your state board to see if you qualify. If you meet their requirements, we’d love to have you here at Motivo.

We all remember the time before graduation and our licensure exam. For many of us, our caseloads were arduous and finding supervision and getting our hours in was, often, completely up to us (and our wallets).

Our employer partners range from large nation-wide companies to smaller community-based organizations and everything in-between. When these companies provide clinical supervision to their early-career therapists, having clinical supervisors like you helping them develop clinically gives them the best possible foundation for long mental health careers.

Being a clinical supervisor with Motivo means you have the opportunity to impart your knowledge and skills… And make things better for the next generation of therapists. If you had a great experience — pay it forward. Share the gift.

This is how the mental health worker shortage gets solved.

We offer clinical supervision in every state for every behavioral health license… so chances are, we’re looking for you.

But we’re also looking for clinical supervisors with a wide range of experiences:

  • Are you trained in a specific modality?
  • Do you work with unique populations?
  • Do you speak more than one language?
  • Do you have a diverse background — racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith-based, or former career (like medical, military, first responder, etc)?

We can’t guarantee all of your supervisees will match with your specialization, but it would be amazing to have you on board when an associate therapist (or even a licensed therapist looking to specialize) is looking for a supervisor just like you.

Motivo believes that clinical supervision is more than a box to check off on the way to the exam. It’s where book learning meets real life. It’s the foundation for a career that can last for decades – one that’s equipped to help people heal.

We currently lose 57% of Master’s level counseling graduates between their graduation and the licensing exam. With the right support, we can turn that around.

Motivo was founded by a therapist and we’re powered by therapists — you. And we know that you’re the most important piece in equipping mental health professionals for the next several generations.

Do you believe clinical supervision can be easier?

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