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Fill empty positions and improve
continuity of care

The problem
Motivo’s solution

Plan members sit on waitlists because there aren’t enough therapists.

We open up your workforce options so that members get off waitlists and get the help they need.

Health plans are paying huge fines for not providing access to mental health care within the terms of their contracts.

Helps you meet your RFP mandates, and meet your HEDIS measure goals in all 6 domains.

Employers are frustrated that their employees aren’t getting the mental healthcare they’re paying for.

Employers and plan members are happier because better care means better performance in the workplace.

Motivo works with all types of behavioral health plans and systems

Health plans with direct behavioral health programs in communities

Health plans that contract with providers and provider networks to deliver care

Health plans and providers who provide Medicare and Medicaid services

Can associate therapists provide the same quality of care as licensed clinicians?

For decades, the main positions associate-level clinicians have filled are with agencies and organizations who work with some of the most challenging populations to treat.

If they can be trusted to treat those with severe mental illness, co-occuring disorders, and work in environments with minimal resources, they can thrive in hospitals, clinics, and private practices — especially when the alternative for your members are waitlists and emergency rooms.

Associate level therapists graduate already having worked hundreds of hours in supervised practicums and internships. They have experience, though they’re working toward the level of experience of licensed clinicians.

But that’s what clinical supervision does. It helps those looking to refine their clinical skills. Clinical supervisors review cases and provide guidance and feedback on clinical, ethical, and administrative situations.

Providing a good workplace for pre-licensed clinicians is investing in your present
and your future


therapists graduate every year with Masters degrees


state that it was because of inadequate pay and difficulty finding positions


will leave the field before they qualify for licensure


say it was because of a bad fit

We provide the infrastructure for clinical supervision

1200+ vetted, qualified clinical supervisors with a number of specializations are ready to meet program needs.

Documentation and communication happens on one HIPAA-compliant platform.

The program is flexible and low-risk. You can start with a few associate therapists in certain communities and scale your program when you see success.

State regulations for every license track are monitored by our compliance department and they alert you when there are changes to compliance.

Creative solutions for Medicaid and other RFP-based Programs

Provider services

We’ll work with you to promote our services to your network providers, so they can expand their offerings in their communities without straining their current resources.

Provider funding

We work with health plan partners to provide and promote funding resources and scholarships to associate therapists working in Mental Health Shortage Areas to pay for their virtual clinical supervision and other needs.

Solve your behavioral health workforce problems

Access an underutilized and ignored portion of the behavioral health workforce. We’d love to show you how to make a real change.

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