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How does Motivo solve your digital behavioral health staffing challenges?

The problem
Motivo’s solution

The worker shortage makes it impossible to fill all our positions.

With Motivo, you can open your recruiting to associate-level therapists.

We’re competing with other companies for the same therapists. How do we stand out?

Clinical supervision as an employee benefit improves your offer acceptance and retention rates.

Regulations vary from state to state and licensure track. It’s exasperating.

Motivo’s regulatory experts track board changes and update you so you stay compliant.

The infrastructure to maintain a clinical supervision program is expensive and involved.

Motivo provides the clinical supervisors, the platform, the documentation, and the regulatory compliance.

Motivo is a behavioral health workforce solution for digital healthcare

Clinical supervision takes up time and resources. We’ll take care of clinical supervision so you can focus on patient care.

Motivo’s clinical supervisors give you the flexibility to hire as many early-career therapists as you need.

External supervision gives you stability. Continuity of care continues even when clinical supervisors leave.

Your licensed therapists can focus on patient care and billable hours instead of clinical supervision — reducing burnout.

Our 1200+ top-notch, vetted clinical supervisors are the answer…

Motivo’s clinical supervisors work with your supervisees to:

employer dashboard
makes it easy

Manage teams and work with clinical supervisors

Monitor and track each supervisee’s progress

Communicate with your supervisor or Motivo about any needs or concerns.

Review all necessary documentation in one place — you don’t have to hunt it down.

When you provide clinical supervision as a benefit...

You become a more attractive employer and fill positions faster.

You help your pre-licensed clinicians improve their clinical skills and grow in their careers, which increases job satisfaction and decreases burnout.

You improve worker retention, continuity of care, and treatment outcomes — satisfying your payer contracts and the needs of your patients.

What does working with Motivo look like?

If you have 20 minutes, we can give you a clear picture. Let’s talk.

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