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Book, join, or reschedule a session

Supervisors are the only ones who can book sessions. You must log into your dashboard and select 'Book Session'.

How to book a session:

  1. Select Book Session
  2. Choose your attendees
  3. Select the date, time, and duration
  4. Set the session frequency (i.e. one time, weekly, monthly etc.)
  5. Choose the correct time zone
  6. Select the location 'Remote' or 'In-person'
  7. Click Book Session

Both you and the supervisee will receive a confirmation email with the HIPAA-compliant Zoom link to join the session and reminder emails as the session approaches.

Join your session

When it's the scheduled time, you can join your session from the link in the confirmation email or from your dashboard. This will take you to right to HIPAA-compliant Zoom.

Once you’re in Zoom, you can begin supervising!

How to reschedule a session

Sometimes we all have a change of plans. If you need to reschedule a session, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Sessions page of your supervisor dashboard.
  2. Choose Upcoming or Completed. You'll be able to choose from sessions that are scheduled in the future or have already been completed.
  3. Select the title of your session of interest.
  4. Click on Actions on the next screen.
  5. Select Edit from the dropdown menu. You'll be prompted to an "Edit Session" screen where you'll be able to select a new time for your session.

If you need to cancel a session

Motivo has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please provide your supervisee with ample notice and reschedule the session if you will not be able to attend.

The supervisee is also required to provide 24-hour notice prior to canceling a session. They will be charged for the full session price at your discretion if they do not provide 24-hour notice.

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