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Marking attendance

Marking attendance allows you to get paid within 48 hours and ensures the supervisees hours are tracked.

Note: Please mark attendance within 5 days after completing a supervision session. If you do not mark attendance, the supervisee will be charged but the system will not know to process the payment for you, the supervisor!

How to mark attendance

Click the drop down for attendance and choose from the following options:

  • Attended Entire Session- Supervisee attended entire supervision session.

If the session wasn't complete because you, the supervisor were late, had to end early, or didn't have enough content to cover -- mark Attended entire session and adjust the duration of the session (you have 24 hours to adjust duration after marking attendance).

  • Partial Attendance - Supervisee arrived late or left session early without 24 hours notice.

If you, the supervisor, agree to a shorter session and are only charging the supervisee for a shorter session, you must edit the entire session and reduce the time.

If the supervisor agrees to a shorter session and to only charge the supervisee for the shorter session - they must edit the entire session and reduce the time.

  • Cancelled with Notice - Supervisee provided 24 hours notice or more that they will not be in attendance for the scheduled session.

If they cancel with 24 hours' notice or more, they are not charged for the session.

  • No Show or Late Cancel - Supervisee did not provide 24 hours notice that they will not be in attendance for the session.

If the supervisee does not provide 24 hours' notice that they will miss the session, they are charged for the session and you are paid. This is at your discretion. If there is an emergency, you may choose not to charge them for the session.

Duration of session

Edit the duration of the session once the session is complete in increments of 15 minutes to accurately capture the length of the session.

You will get paid in accordance with the length of the session, unless partial attendance is checked (due to supervisee) and then you will get paid in full.

What happens if I mark attendance incorrectly?

Anytime you mark attendance incorrectly, we will have to delete the session, rebook and have you mark appropriately.

If you mark Attended Entire Session but they did not. We will need to refund the supervisee and retract the payment from you.

If you mark Partial Attendance because you (the supervisor) needed a shortened session, we will need to arrange a partial refund to the supervisee and retract partial payment from you.

If you mark a session as Cancelled with Notice but also refunded the session, we will need to refund the supervisee and then retract payment from you.

If you mark it as No Show / Late Cancel but the supervisee did in fact provide you 24 hours or more notice or did attend the session. We will need to refund the supervisee and then retract the payment from you.

What happens if it's within 24 hours of the session occurring, the supervisee gave 24 hours' notice and wants to reschedule?

You can delete the session up to 24 hours after the session was scheduled and rebook for the new date and time.

What happens if I do not mark attendance within 5 days?

Please email and we will remove and re-add the session for you to mark attendance appropriately. You can expect payment to be processed 48 hours after marking attendance.

Will I receive a supervisor report at the end of each month?

You will no longer receive a supervisor report via email or need to confirm sessions each month.

You can view all of the sessions completed on the platform through the sessions tab on your dashboard.

Please make sure all session data is accurate and up to date to ensure no discrepancies in payment or reporting.

What if I forgot to add a session to my dashboard?

Please email - we will add the session, then ask you to mark attendance.

Does anything change come tax season?

You will still receive a 1099 come tax season from Motivo or Stripe depending on when you started offering clinical supervision on Motivo.

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