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Track hours and set supervision goals

Motivo's supervision hours and goal-tracking features streamline your journey toward licensure by allowing you to track your supervision hours, clinical hours, and goals set with your supervisor.

This feature allows you to:

  • Merge all hours for a centralized view of your licensure progress.
  • Grant supervisors insight into your licensure journey for enhanced guidance and support.
  • Align goals explicitly with professional growth objectives.

How do I view the hours that I have completed at Motivo?

  1. Log in to Motivo.
  2. On your home page Click the My hours tab.

From here you can access an overview of your cumulative hours with Motivo and your external hours. You can also access and edit your supervision goals.

Supervision hours on the Motivo platform are automatically added upon the completion of a session.

If you have supervision hours outside of Motivo (i.e. in person supervision or with a different supervisor), you'll need to add those hours manually.

How do I add hours not completed at Motivo?

There are two methods:

1st method:

  1. In the My Hours page's left-side column.
  2. Click Update External Hours located below total supervision.
  3. Specify the type of supervision—Individual, Dyad/Triad, or Group.
  4. Enter hours and select Update.

Alternative Method: Click the External Tab: This tab only shows hours acquired outside of Motivo.

  1. Select External Hour located next to your supervisor's name.
  2. Specify the type of supervision—whether it’s Individual, Dyad/Triad, or Group.
  3. Enter hours and complete your entry by selecting Update.

Watch this video on how to add external supervision hours.

How do I add total clinical hours?

You can also track the hours you spend providing direct client care. You can do this through the following:

  1. Select Edit: Located next to Total clinical hours.
  2. Add hours and complete your entry by selecting Update.

Watch this video on how to add clinical hours.

How do I set supervision goals?

How do I collaborate with my supervisor to set goals?

  1. Talk with your supervisor about your professional goals and the steps you'll need to achieve them.
  2. Identify and set specific, measurable goals together that are aligned with both your licensure requirements and your personal development aspirations.
  3. Revisit and adjust your goals together to ensure they’re still aligned with your growing professional needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Motivo completed hours captured?

Our platform automatically adds the hours after a session has been completed.

Can I edit hours after I've added them?

Yes, you can edit your logged hours if you need to make corrections.

How often should I log my hours?

For the most accurate tracking, log your hours soon after each supervision session. This keeps your records up-to-date and reflects your progress in real time.

Can supervisors set goals without my input?

While supervisors initiate goal setting, it's a collaborative process. Goals should reflect a mutual agreement based on your professional development needs and aspirations. Always communicate openly with your supervisor about your goals.

Are external hours and goals visible to all my supervisors on Motivo?

External hours and goals are visible to your current supervisor assigned to oversee your licensure journey.

Can I still use Motivo’s Hours & Goals feature if my state has specific licensure requirements?

Yes, the Hours & Goals feature is designed to accommodate a variety of licensing paths. However, always make sure that your logged hours and set goals align with your state's specific licensure requirements. Consult with your supervisor and review your state guidelines.

Who is responsible for the accuracy of logged hours, especially external hours not acquired through Motivo?

Supervisees bear the responsibility for the accuracy of any external hours logged on Motivo.

The tool's effectiveness relies on the detailed and timely updates you provide. Regularly review and update your supervision hours to ensure your records accurately reflect your journey toward licensure.

Where can I find information on compliance with my state's board regulations?

Visit your state board website to see if you can find the answers there.

For specific inquiries regarding how your logged hours and goals align with state board regulations, reach out to Motivo’s compliance team at compliance@motivohealth.com. They can provide guidance and answer any questions you have about ensuring your supervision activities meet all necessary standards.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

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