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Onboarding as a new supervisee

This article answers some of the key questions about how to onboard as a new supervisee with Motivo.

Create an account

You can create a Motivo supervisee account through our platform here.

Check out your dashboard

Learn how to navigate your dashboard by watching this short video!


Will my supervisor complete the paperwork that needs to be signed and turned in to the board?

Yes! Our supervisors are well-versed in the supervision documentation needs and requirements of your state and licensure type.

How does matching work?

  • Supervisees are able to see Motivo clinical supervisors in the supervisor directory from their dashboard.
  • Supervisees can filter through all supervisors and select one that will fit their needs.
  • The supervisee will be able to request a time for an intro call with that supervisor.
  • If the supervisor accepts the invitation, then the two will proceed with the intro call and potentially arrange for clinical supervision.

How long does matching take?

Only a few days! Once you have arranged to work with a supervisor, we collect your payment information and add you to your supervisor’s dashboard (if you are paying out of pocket). The supervisor can begin scheduling sessions with you immediately!

How much does supervision cost?

Our pricing depends on a number of factors, but below are our current standard rates for individuals signing up for supervision (not through an employer):

  • Individual supervision: $75 for one supervisee supervision with one supervisor and one supervisee
  • Dyad supervision: $65 per hour per supervisee where one supervisor supervises two associates
  • Group supervision: $55 per hour per person Supervision occurs when a supervisor supervises 3 or more supervisees

These rates are subject to change.

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