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Sync Your Sessions to Your Calendar

What is the calendar sync feature in Motivo?

Motivo allows users to connect their Google or Microsoft account to their Motivo account. This feature syncs their Motivo sessions to their external calendar, helping to organize and remind them of upcoming sessions.

How do I use it?

  1. Log into Motivo.
  2. Click the profile image in the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Settings > Calendar.
  4. Click the Connect button next to Google or Microsoft.
  5. Select all the permissions on the next screen.
  6. Select which calendar you'd like events to appear on.

That's it! New sessions booked will begin appearing on your calendar.

See this video for a full walkthrough of the calendar connection workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this feature mandatory?

No, this feature is completely optional. Not using it will not affect your ability to use the Motivo platform.

If you opt to use it, then change your mind, you can disconnect your calendar at any time.

How does the calendar sync work?

The calendar sync behaves in the following way:

  • Creating sessions: When you create a session in Motivo, an event is automatically created in your connected external calendar.
  • Rescheduling sessions: If you reschedule a session in Motivo, the associated calendar event is updated to reflect the new time and attendees.
  • Deleting sessions: Deleting a session in Motivo will remove the corresponding event from your external calendar.


  • The sync is one way — editing events in your external calendar will not affect your Motivo sessions.
  • Only sessions booked after you connect your calendar will be shown in your calendar.

What information will the calendar events contain?

Calendar events will contain a link to join the session, the names of your session attendees, and the name of their employer, if applicable.

Events created by Motivo will be private by default, so even people you’ve shared your calendar with cannot see this information.

Will my calendar data be safe?

We prioritize your privacy and data security, but please be aware of potential risks if your calendar contains sensitive information, including but not limited to any Protected Health Information of your clients.

We advise you to review your calendar for sensitive information before enabling this feature. For detailed information on data usage, security measures, and your rights regarding this feature, please read our full privacy policy.

How will I receive notifications or reminders about my sessions once my calendar is synced?

You will receive reminders and notifications based on your external calendar's settings. Motivo will continue sending you session reminder emails unless you unsubscribe from them using the link in the email.

How often does the calendar sync with the Motivo platform?

The sync occurs in real-time. Changes made to sessions in Motivo will reflect on your calendar shortly after.

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