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Ending the supervisory relationship

Clinical supervision relationships come to an end, either because they are complete, virtual limits are reached, or because of other reasons. It’s important to maintain ethical practices and remain aware of the state board guidelines for terminating supervision.

Initiating the termination process

  1. Review state board regulations so you understand the requirements and timeline for termination of a supervisor relationship.
  2. Communicate your desire to terminate the supervisory relationship with the supervisee. Except in rare circumstances, Motivo requires a 30-day notice to the supervisee and the account manager (if applicable) when seeking to terminate the supervisory relationship. This allows Motivo time to find a new match if necessary. Note that our 30-day requirement may not be the same as the state board requirement. Please make sure to follow both.
  3. Complete all procedures related to termination. Complete all state documentation and board-required paperwork related to termination. Validate the clinical and supervision hours necessary for the supervisee’s licensure application.

If you need assistance or support in clarifying board regulations related to termination, please use our compliance inquiry form.

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