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Removing supervisees

In the event that a supervisee no longer is with your organization or receiving supervision on Motivo, you can remove them from your dashboard.

How to remove a supervisee from your admin dashboard

  1. Click on Supervisees tab
  2. Select the menu through the 3 button icon on the right
  3. Select Remove supervisee
  4. Click Yes remove

Click on this Scribe demo to see the steps.

How to see information about deleted supervisees

If you have removed a supervisee you'll still be able to see their session data (date, time, attendance) by following these steps.

  1. Click Supervisees
  2. Click on the Removed tab
  3. Select the supervisee whose session data you would like to see

Click on this Scribe demo to see how to do this.

What to do prior to removing a supervisee

As a courtesy to the supervisory relationship, we ask for one last session to be scheduled between the supervisor and supervisee prior to ending supervision. This allows them to discuss any final paperwork and for the supervisory relationship to end with care.

Please Note: If you remove a supervisee from the dashboard and they are booked for a session within 24 hours - the session is still billable and the supervisor will be compensated.

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