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Employer onboarding

We make the onboarding process as easy and seamless as possible for employers!

What steps do employers need to take to work with Motivo?

  1. Platform demo - a representative from Motivo will give you an overview of our platform
  2. Contract review and signature - Motivo has a standard order form, MSA and BAA that can be utilized
  3. Assigned Employer Care Manager - if your employer is a certain size, you will be assigned an Employer Care Manager who can help you with matches and answer any questions
  4. Introduction to supervisors - you can review the supervisors available on Motivo's dashboard and schedule intro calls
  5. Upload employee info - add employees to your dashboard so you can track their supervision
  6. Begin sessions - once ready, your employees can begin holding supervision sessions with their supervisors!
  7. Invoice and reporting - Once live, you will receive a monthly invoice and attendance reports

How long does it take to onboard my organization to Motivo?

That depends on how many associates you have that need supervision and current availability. We can typically onboard an employer in a couple of weeks, but the match matters to us so we work to find the right supervisor for every supervisee.

What types of behavioral health providers work with Motivo?

Motivo partners with many different types of behavioral health employers, including community mental health centers, non-profit organizations, digital health organizations, treatment centers, hospital systems, and health plans.

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