Tele-Supervision in New Jersey: How One Supervisee Got the Greenlight

When Jillian Lombardozzi was seeking a new clinical supervisor, she realized she didn’t even know where to start her search. Fortunately, one of her peers happened to mention an email she had recently received about Motivo and suggested that she look into consulting with a clinical supervisor online through tele-supervision.

New to the world of tele-supervision and unaware it was even an option for her in the state of New Jersey, Jill followed that advice and decided to see if it would be a platform that could work for her. And while tele-supervision isn’t approved state-wide in New Jersey yet, as you will read, the Board does make approvals on a case-by-case basis. Here’s how Jill was able to work with Motivo and her new supervisor to get her tele-stamp of approval. 

Taking the First Steps 

Jill kicked off the process by first meeting with her New Jersey-licensed supervisor-to-be Ana Pais, LPC, as well as Lauren from Motivo, in a video conference. Together, they reviewed the application, discussed the best ways to describe how supervision would take place as well as how it would meet the standards set forth by the Board. Ana and Jill both completed their sections of the application, and Ana submitted it to the Board. “Overall, it was a smooth process,” Jill says. 

Plan Time for Board Review 

The entire process of completing the application took only about a week in total from start to submission. However, in NJ the wait time to hear back from the board is generally a month or two, depending on how many applications they are reviewing. It is possible to get verbal confirmation from the board prior to receiving an official letter though!

The Power of HIPAA

Jill shared that she was definitely concerned that her application would not be approved because she and her supervisor are not meeting in person or “breathing the same air.” However, Lauren suggested that they highlight in the application the fact that they would be utilizing a HIPAA-compliant platform to communicate. Jill believes this was a major point in her supervision plan being approved.

Reaping the Benefits

“One of the biggest benefits is that I can much more easily fit supervision into my busy schedule,” Jill says. “I work full-time, I take classes at night, and I have a family. By cutting out travel time to an office to meet in person with a supervisor, I’m able to save valuable time during my busy day. Also, it is easier for me to be flexible with our start time for supervision, which we would not be able to do if we were traveling to meet in person.”

Garden State Advice

If you’re a pre-licensed clinician in New Jersey and interested in tele-supervision, Jill suggests working with both your prospective supervisor and a representative from Motivo to put together a concise plan with deliberate language. She hopes that her experience can help influence future counselors and supervisors in getting their supervision plans approved too!

The Value of Getting Comfortable Online

In addition to Jill being able to continue to work toward full licensure in NJ, she has also been interested in the idea of tele-mental health with her own clients. She hopes that by using the Motivo platform for tele-supervision, it will give her some insight and experience into how this process could work.

“I currently work with veterans, and the VA is starting to implement the option of telemental health for veterans,” Jill says. “I believe that using telecommunication through Motivo will provide me with valuable professional experience in using a platform that is new but becoming increasingly popular in the counseling field.”

Unsure of your states stance on tele-supervision? Email us at hello(at), or submit this form to get started. At Motivo, we’re on a mission to give more pre-licensed clinicians access to quality supervisors in every state! 

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Rachel is the CEO & Founder of Motivo, a HIPAA-compliant video platform connecting mental health therapists to the clinical supervision hours needed for licensure. She's also a LMFT, and brings her years of experience as both a therapist and a supervisor to her vision for Motivo. She also is a huge fan of pizza and yoga, in that order.

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