From Recruitment to Retention: Best Practices for Strengthening the Mental Health Workforce

Thousands of treatment centers, clinics, community centers, and organizations are competing for the same workers. Mental health workers are jumping around between jobs—50% of all employed therapists leave their positions within two years. How do you recruit and retain therapists the best therapists for your organization in today’s environment?  And how do you make sure […]

It’s a big day for Motivo!

Login Find a Supervisor August 18, 2022 Industry News & Clinician Resources Motivo is here to provide you with resources and the latest in the mental health industry so you are up to date on recent trending topics and relevant content. Sign up for our weekly newsletter It’s a big day for Motivo! August 18, […]

There Goes Me: A Lesson in Empathy and Humility in Therapeutic Practice

Today, I want to share a story of one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had as a therapist.  I’m sure many of you have moments like this that stand out in your mind – one of those defining moments where you learn something from a client, a supervisor, or a colleague that shifts […]

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