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It’s been just over 2 years since Motivo CEO and founder, Rachel McCrickard, gathered all of her courage and took a leap into the entrepreneurial unknown. Driven by her own experience of a lengthy 2-hour commute each way to see her own supervisor while she was earning hours to become an LMFT, Rachel knew there had to be a better way. 

And that’s what she set out to build at Motivo: A better way for supervisors to disseminate their knowledge and expertise; a better way for supervisees to have access to the mentors and resources they need to go out into the world and help others. Which is also why Motivo is way more than a tech platform – at its heart, it’s a community! And there is no better community of mental health professionals than y’all 🙂 

This week, our community met (online, of course ;)) with Rachel to ask questions and offer feedback and tips about tele-supervision. We got SO many good ideas from you! Thank you to all who joined and if you missed it, catch up on the highlights below – we hope to see you next time! 

I’m supervisor, but don’t have any supervisees yet – help! 

What we’ve seen is that supervisors who get the most supervisees put a little more “sweat” into it. Here are a few ways they do this: 

Advertise you are a Motive supervisor! Here are a few quick ways: 

  • Add a link to your profile in your email signature 
  • Add Motivo to your LinkedIn profile as you would any other job 
  • Join a local Facebook group for your license type and let other members know you are available for tele-supervision online (if your state allows it). 
  • Extra win – You may start seeing some referral bonuses roll in! 

Review our tips on how to make your supervisor profile really pop:

  • We’re a data-driven company who loves to share what we learn! Some of our most recent findings have shown that a few simple tweaks go a long way: 
    • Your profile picture counts! 
    • Highlight your specialities and niches 
    • Take time to write a engaging bio 

For more tips, check out “Making the Most of Your Motivo Supervisor Profile.”

I’m licensed in Massachusetts and Hawaii – what’s the latest in regards to tele-supervision in those states?

As many of you are probably all too familiar, requirements for licensure vary state-to-state and license type-to-license type and seem to be changing with some regular frequency. As word spreads about the convenience of tele-supervision, though, many states are beginning to shift their rules to allow for more or all supervision online.

To help make this process as easy and painless as we possibly can, we’ve created an email template you can use to plug in your unique details and send to your state board for clarification. 

Check it out below: 


Hi [Board Chair Name],

I’m writing as a licensed [add licensure type] in [add state where seeking licensure] and it is my understanding that [add state] supervisors are not permitted to provide clinical supervision through secure video conference.  Is this correct?

If this is not currently permitted, I’d like to request that the board consider reviewing this rule. Many states have revised their rules to include an allowance of supervision online, which is drastically increasing the accessibility to quality supervisors for pre-licensed professionals in rural areas.  

Can you pass on this request to the board?


[Your name]
[Your contact information]

We got some great insight from a long-standing member of a state board in Texas.

Given how fast other areas of the private and public sector often adapt or even try to get ahead of evolving technology, we were reminded that many state boards don’t necessarily prioritize proactive change, but rather are more often influenced by what other boards are doing around them. 

So what does that mean for Motivo members? As some of the biggest states – Texas, California and Georgia – have made it clear where they stand on tele-supervision, we can expect other states to eventually follow suit. 

If your state has not 100% approved tele-supervison yet, don’t give up hope! We recently had one supervisee move the needle in New Jersey, receiving approval on an individual-basis – such a promising step we are proud to be apart of! 

I wrote a book on supervision, would that be of interest to anyone? 

OMG, yes! Check out Motivo Supervisor Laurie L. Charlés’ book “Family Therapy Supervision in Extraordinary Settings” 

We want to hear from you about all the amazing things you are doing in the field! Please don’t be shy about this, email Rachel or Emily if you ever have an idea or project you think could benefit other supervisors at Motivo. 

Do you have a question for Rachel? Email her at or keep an eye on our weekly email, Mondays with Motivo, for info on the next Ask Me Anything! 

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Rachel is the CEO & Founder of Motivo, a HIPAA-compliant video platform connecting mental health therapists to the clinical supervision hours needed for licensure. She's also a LMFT, and brings her years of experience as both a therapist and a supervisor to her vision for Motivo. She also is a huge fan of pizza and yoga, in that order.

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