The First-Ever Motivo ‘Spirit of Supervision’ Awards

Motivo Supervision Award

It’s incredible to see online supervision gaining traction in the counseling world. Since Motivo’s CEO + Founder, Rachel McCrickard, LMFT, first launched the platform, we’ve helped hundreds of people connect to a Motivo supervisor for online supervision. These supervisees are truly the future of our profession and we couldn’t be more excited to journey alongside their path to licensure.

To properly kick off 2020, our team of ‘Motivators’ wanted to recognize a few individuals who exemplify what it means to set the next generation of therapists up for success. They’re helping us to grow our online community, providing mentorship, and some are even supporting agencies who have partnered with Motivo for agency supervision.

We’re thrilled to announce these are the first-ever Motivo ‘Spirit of Supervision’ award winners.

MVP Supervisor - Jeanine Rousso, LMHC, LPC, RPT-S

Jeanine Rousso LMHC LPC RPT-S supervisor

When the Motivo team reviewed the total number of supervision hours provided for all of 2019, Jeanine Rousso was named our MVP (Most Valuable Practitioner) for facilitating the most sessions of all our supervisors.

At the start of last year, Jeanine merely had one group with a few supervisees, but Jeanine’s amazing work spoke for itself. In fact, by the end of 2019 she had multiple agency groups plus individual supervisees all meeting on Motivo

“Since starting with Motivo, I’ve actually been working on getting more parent coaching clients that I can see online,” Jeanine saidI’m hoping to be able to travel more while still doing supervision and coaching online!” 

Learn more about Jeanine—and meet her cat, Dave, who makes a frequent appearance in sessions—in this supervisor spotlight.


With so many super supervisees on Motivo, this award purely came down to the number of supervision hours had on Motivo. We had to give a special shoutout to two supervisees.

MVP Supervisee - Emily Spatz


Emily Spatz wins the “MVP Supervisee” for completing more than 40 hours of supervision online with Motivo! As Emily is working towards her LMFT in Florida, she’s meeting weekly with her supervisor Alyssa Weiss-Quittner, Ph.D., LMFT, CCTP

After graduating from Nova Southeastern University with her masters in marriage and family therapy, Emily was offered a full-time position at an equine assisted psychotherapy facility in Southwest Ranches, Fla., as a registered intern as well as a therapeutic riding instructor. 

“However, at the time there were no qualified supervisors due to the practice growing,” Emily explained. “Dr. Quittner has helped me throughout the process of growing as a therapist and utilizing a systemic viewpoint to help my work with my clients as well as growing as a therapist.”  

MVP Supervision Match - Trennell Palacio & Naomi Jackson, LMFT


In reviewing our numbers, it was amazing to see how Trennell Palacio and her supervisor, Naomi Jackson, have met consecutively for more than 20 weeks of supervision! They only paused for a brief break over the holidays before getting right back to it. 

Trennell is a DIS Counselor / Associate Professional Clinical Counselor in the Los Angeles area who has about a year to go for completing her clinical hours — which is one of the main reasons she’s been so diligent about meeting with Naomi.

“I really like having Naomi as my supervisor. She is always supporting me throughout my clinical experience, and checking in with her is amazing,” Trennell said. “She’s very caring, compassionate, plus she knows her stuff and always keeps me motivated towards my goals. Naomi is also preparing me for the clinical exam. Wow! Thank you Motivo!”

And as a supervisor, Naomi says that arranging meeting times through the Motivo portal is easy and convenient. “Guiding Trennell through the process has been an enjoyable experience,” Naomi said. “Thank you Motivo for connecting us.”


Online Supervision Trailblazer - Maira Arriola & Dr. Tavari Brown

For this recognition, we wanted to highlight the supervisee & supervisor who are the furthest distance away from each other, and are also champions of leveraging technology for supervision. 

Maira Arriola is a native of the island of Saipan, a U.S. territory and part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). As a pre-licensed counselor, Maira tried unsuccessfully to find a supervisor for five years on her island! 

It wasn’t until her employer, the Kagman Community Health Center (KCHC) got its SAMHSA grant last year that Maira was hired, and the clinic promised to help her find supervision. 

Maira Arriola

When Maira couldn’t find anyone in the CNMI, she literally Googled online ‘online supervision’ which led her to Motivo. After learning more about Maira and the Kagman Clinic’s needs, we matched Maira with Dr. Tavari Brown.

 “Us being here is a testament to Motivo,” Maira said. “I’m now counting my hours toward licensure. We’re expanding our practice. And now having supervision, we can bring on more clinicians. There is hope in terms of clinical supervision because of the Motivo platform. And it is wonderful working with Dr. Brown! I love how down to earth she is! We’re just very grateful for Motivo.”


“O.G.” Award - Dr. Regina Bordieri & Dr. Kathryn Klock-Powell

Fun fact: when Motivo’s CEO + Founder, Rachel McCrickard (an LMFT and AAMFT Approved Supervisor) first decided to launch an online platform for supervision, our company was called LMFT Connect. Rachel quickly realized online supervision could help new mental health professionals across multiple licensure types.

When we looked all the way back to the old days of LMFT Connect, we were delighted to see that two of our supervisors are continuing to meet for peer consultation after nearly three years since their first meeting in June 2017.


Regina Bordieri, Psy.D., LMFT, has been receiving supervision mentorship from Kathryn Klock-Powell, Ph.D., LMFT, RPT-S, for her AAMFT Approved Supervisor credential. “Kathryn has been an amazing mentor and I’m grateful to Motivo for bringing us together!” Regina said. “Not only has Kathryn provided me with support and resources to develop as a supervisor, but she’s also provided invaluable support and mentorship as I advance in my academic career.” 

Regina said all of the connections she has made through Motivo have been highly rewarding. She and Kathryn—along with several other Motivo supervisors and advisory board members—are collaborating on a research study comparing the relationship between supervisees and supervisors in online versus traditional in-person supervision.

“It has been so great to have met Regina through Motivo,” Kathryn explained. “She had such an interesting background having gotten her Master’s degree at the same school (shout out the MFTs from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY). Regina then went on to get her Ph.D. and get licensed in California while my doctorate and license are in Georgia.” 

This supervisory relationship has opened a lot of doors for both Regina and Kathryn. In addition to their research project studying how distance supervision affects the supervisory relationship, for Kathryn, this led to a full-time teaching opportunity with Northcentral University’s MFT program.

“The relationships and the connections that I’ve been able to make through Motivo are unique because our geography is not a limitation,” Kathryn said. “I’ve been able to connect with colleagues with similar interests and learn about licensure requirements in other states. It’s amazing to see how we can connect through our passion for helping couples and families.”  

Online Supervision Counseling Advocate

Advocate Award - Dr. Andrea Brooks & Karen Cook

This recognition goes to Andrea Brooks, Ph.D., LPCC-S, who is the CHD Program Director at Lindsey Wilson College, and Karen Cook, Executive Director of the Kentucky Counseling Association. Over the past year, the Motivo team has worked with Andrea and Karen anticipating a rule change for Kentucky to allow for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCCs) to provide 100% online supervision using HIPAA-compliant technology, as the rules previously stipulated meeting for in-person supervision once a month. 

Karen Cook Kentucky Counseling Association KCA

The Kentucky Board of LPCCs has issued a rule change approved on Feb. 7, 2020, now allowing 100% online supervision for LPCC licensure, as the rules previously stipulated meeting for in-person supervision once a month.

“The Kentucky Counseling Association has been looking forward to this rule change granting approval for full online supervision in the LPCC licensure process in Kentucky,” Karen of KCA, said. Our organizational office has had many phone calls and emails from those seeking assistance in locating a supervisor.” 

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 55% of U.S. counties—all rural—have no practicing mental health professionals. By providing an accessible path to licensure for incoming therapists, online supervision has a direct impact on increasing the mental health provider population in traditionally underserved communities.

This change for Kentucky is a huge accomplishment not only because it will help new counselors on the path to licensure but it also shows how an industry + association can work with the state licensure board to advocate for innovation that can help so many people.

“We are thankful that our KY Board of Licensed Professional Counselors recognized the need for this rule change and worked to make it happen so that more licensed counselors will become available for the ultimate benefit of the public,” Karen continued. “There is no doubt that allowing online supervision is an important element in increasing the number of counselors eligible for licensure.”  


Sandra Morris - Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

The Megaphone Award goes to the person who referred the most supervisees to Motivo for 2019. After the launch of Motivo’s referral program, we were thrilled to see so many of our supervisors and supervisees taking advantage of the $50 referral bonus after a supervisee has completed their first session. One supervisee has exemplified what it means to be a Motivo advocate, and that’s Sandra Morris.


Sandra is the Lead Clinician at BCFS Health & Human Services and an LPC intern under supervision with Catrina Drinning-Davis. We’re grateful to Sandra for sending her colleagues in Texas to Motivo, as Texas is one of the states which allows for 100% online supervision. 

“I love Motivo and the flexibility it allows me to have with my busy schedule,” Sandra said. “I’ve realized that there are a lot of people who need to know about Motivo. Plus, new people are graduating and testing on a monthly basis, and they need guidance, too.”

Note – We also have to give an honorable mention to Krystal Lamb, a social worker in Michigan under supervision with Kelsey Di Pirro, who was #2 for new supervisees referred to Motivo. If you know anyone seeking supervision or mentorship, let us know here.

GA HOPE agency mental health

Motivo is honored to help provide clinical supervision services to mental health agencies like Georgia HOPE. Allowing clinicians to join for online supervision eliminates the drive time for community-based therapists, and frees up clinical leadership for billable time and other administrative responsibilities. 

Geographically, Georgia HOPE is divided into several regional teams across 27 counties so providing the convenience of group supervision online at multiple times allows for clinicians working towards their LPC, LMFT, and LCSW to gain the hours needed for licensure. 

Today, Georgia HOPE has nearly 100 supervisees on Motivo, including more than 50 supervisees meeting for remote supervision and several more in-person groups happening with Georgia HOPE’s full-time staff utilizing Motivo’s dashboard for logging attendance and session notes.  

“Motivo has revolutionized the way we provide clinical supervision,” said Nikki Raymond, the CEO of Georgia HOPE. “Working with Motivo has helped us recruit more therapists and increase our bottom line.”


Supervisor of the Year - Amy Morgan, LMFT


This was not an easy decision considering Motivo has more than 500 active supervisors in our directory. When it came down to it, we looked at our supervisors who were dedicated to their continuing education while also providing supervision and mentorship to the next generation of therapists. 

Amy Morgan emerged as the winner. As Amy is finishing her Ph.D. at Virginia Tech—and already an LMFT in Virginia—she’s in the unique position of both providing and obtaining supervision hours through Motivo as she worked towards her AAMFT credentialing under the supervision of Dr. Sheila Addison. And the hours paid off, as Amy recently earned her AAMFT Approved Supervisor status!

“To me, good supervision is a thoughtful integration of teacher, mentor, and coaching roles that promote professional growth and competence in supervisees,” Amy saidMy approach to supervision is empowering, collaborative, and feminist. I believe that supervisees benefit the most from a supervisor who establishes and maintains trust, rapport, and safety early on.”

Here’s what one of Amy’s supervisee, Lauren, had to say about their supervisor: “It sounds like hyperbole but the supervisory relationship with Amy feels like a perfect fit. Amy continuously checks in to see that something I said rings true or feels authentic for me. She is generous with compliments, making me feel like a competent clinician even if I am still just working things out for myself.”

Learn more about Amy in her supervisor spotlight or in this LMFT supervision case study.


Founders Award - Patricia Harwell, LMFT

Last—but certainly not least—as this is our first year of the Motivo Spirit Awards, our founder Rachel wanted to give special recognition with this category selecting Patricia (“Pat”) Harwell for the first-ever Founders Award.

Pat is a Georgia industry veteran of the therapy world. She became a Clinical Member of AAMFT in 1978 and an Approved Supervisor in 1982. “Licensure was enacted in 1986 and I was licensed as #143 in that same year,” Pat said. “I was a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from about 1974 to 1978.  By the time I became a Clinical Member of AAMFT, I had transitioned my professional identity from RN to MFT.”

Pat was also Rachel’s supervision mentor when she was working on her credential to become an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, and the very first person Rachel told about her idea to start Motivo. “Pat is very highly respected as both a supervisor and a therapist in our state, so I really wanted her ‘blessing’ on whether or not she thought Motivo was a good idea,” Rachel explained. 

“I vividly remember her saying to me, ‘Rachel, you need to do this. It’s an incredible idea.’ I said, ‘Really?! Pat, are you sure?’ and she said, ‘Really. Do it.’ So I did!”

That's a wrap!

We literally wouldn’t be here without this incredible community. If you’d like to learn more about how you can partner with Motivo for online clinical supervision, contact us at anytime, or follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, or Instagram. Thank you for all you do to help set the next generation of therapists up for success! 

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Rachel is the CEO & Founder of Motivo, a HIPAA-compliant video platform connecting mental health therapists to the clinical supervision hours needed for licensure. She's also a LMFT, and brings her years of experience as both a therapist and a supervisor to her vision for Motivo. She also is a huge fan of pizza and yoga, in that order.

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