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Hi friends!

Fall is in full bloom over here where I live in Richmond, Virginia. 🍁

The other day, I was walking Lucy around our neighborhood and snapped this picture of the most vibrant tree.

At that same moment, there was an incredible fall breeze in the air and I did something that I rarely take the time to do. I stopped, took a really deep breath, and allowed myself to be fully present in the moment.

The phrase that kept coming to my mind during the walk, was this one: operating from a place of abundance.

I’ve been thinking about these words for the last few weeks, pondering on whether or not they are true of my life.

Allow me to elaborate on what I mean when I say, “operating from a place of abundance.” I mean living my life in a way that acknowledges the fullness that already exists in my world. It is living with the mindset that everything I need is already inside of me and that I have personal worth and security.

The opposite of operating from a place of abundance is operating from a place of scarcity – or the belief that I must compete with others for resources or recognition because there is not enough to go around. 

If I’m completely honest, operating from a place of abundance is not something I have mastered. In fact, I wanted to write about this topic today because it’s an area of my life I really struggle with.

I often find myself ruminating on the what if’s and the why not’s of my life. 

I have found that this abundance mindset can be even more challenging during the holiday season. I put pressure on myself to spend beyond my means in order to give my loved ones more “stuff.” I search for the perfect experiences to make the holidays magical and full – often forgetting to stop and recognize the fullness and magic that is already here.

These next couple of months, I’m going to keep shifting my mind back to this idea of operating from a place of abundance – of acknowledging and celebrating the goodness and wholeness that already exists in my life.

I’m curious – do you also struggle to operate from a place of abundance? I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections if there is anything you’d like to share.






Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

CEO + Founder


Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Rachel is the CEO & Founder of Motivo, a HIPAA-compliant video platform connecting mental health therapists to the clinical supervision hours needed for licensure. She's also a LMFT, and brings her years of experience as both a therapist and a supervisor to her vision for Motivo. She also is a huge fan of pizza and yoga, in that order.

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