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Feeling stuck and frustrated by the process of finding a clinical supervisor in your area? Overwhelmed by the unexpected supervision costs post-graduation? Keep reading. We’re here to help!

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You need access to great clinical supervision

You’re probably beginning to collect your first direct client hours, and you’re working hard to complete your supervision requirements.

On top of that, you just discovered that there aren’t any supervisors in your area, the ones you did find are waaayy out of the budget, or can’t seem to find a supervisor who really gets you.

If that sounds like you, your frustration has not gone unnoticed. Through Motivo, you can complete your supervision hours with quality, affordable supervisors in your area — completely online.

It’s time to (finally) get licensed

Yes — it’s totally possible to find an quality, affordable supervisors in your state and knock out your clinical requirements.

Motivo connects new therapists with experienced supervisors from the beginning to the end of the clinical supervision process. Our web-based platform is both secure and easy to use. 

Take a deep breath, because you’re about to put your therapy career on a (mindful) rocket ship. 🚀
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How does Motivo work?

Find a clinical supervisor. Browse licensed clinical supervisors.

Select a Supervisor

Browse our marketplace of vetted supervisors from across your state and find the match that best suits your needs.

Meet Your Match

Decide if you’d like to work together! Schedule a Motivo video call to meet your supervisor of choice. 

Still unsure? Use our handy call tips.

Online video supervision. Schedule a call to meet your supervisor.
Start your clinical supervision online and get licensed.

Start Your Supervision

Did you find the right fit? Great! We process secure payment, and your supervisor will reach out to schedule your sessions. You’re off and running! 

Book a consultation with a supervisor in Georgia by the end of the week — at no charge.

Complete your licensure requirements in half the time

Amazing Supervisors

We provide unparalleled access to the best supervision in your state. Your new favorite supervisor experience is a click away.

Online — and fast

Motivo is a fully remote online platform
that’s both easy and efficient to use. Spend less time commuting to a supervisor and more time building your practice.

Flexible plans

Our goal is for you to get licensed within your budget and plan. Choose from a variety of flexible plans to help you complete your supervision and kickstart your therapy career.

Features that our therapists love


Your privacy (and your patient’s privacy) is truly private. Motivo is dedicated to maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Transparent Pricing

Effectively plan for your supervision investments with clear, transparent pricing.

Live Video Sessions

Get the guidance you need from your supervisor completely online. No driving long distances or rushing.

Secure Documentation

We provide unparalleled access to the best supervision in your state.

Hour Tracking

Track how many supervision hours you’ve completed with Motivo and complete your requirements.

Seamless Payment

It’s really easy to pay with Motivo. Pay-as-you-go, or sign up for any of our subscription plans.

You're in good company

Nina G.

New Therapist & Supervisee

“Having access to supervisors across Massachusetts, not just ones in Boston, has made it easier for me to find the right supervisor for my practice.”
Adam M.


“Motivo gives me the the opportunity to grow my practice within a convenient platform that keeps my clients and billing in the same place.”

Ready to kickstart your therapy career?
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