Breaking Down the Mental Health Worker Shortage: Root Causes and How to Address Them

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According to a CNN poll, 90% of Americans believe there is a mental health worker shortage. Either they’ve seen the floods of articles on the topic, or they’ve tried to get an appointment. The Mental Health Worker Shortage Crisis: How Bad Is It? In 2016, the Health Resources and Services Administration looked at two different […]

Motivo Welcomes Scott Maratea as CRO

Introducing Scott Maratea: Motivo Health is proud to welcome seasoned healthcare veteran, Scott Maratea, as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. Scott has spent the last 28 years leading high performing sales teams, exceeding revenue targets, and growing client relationships with the nation’s leading provider organizations, health plans, and employer groups. Throughout his career, Scott has […]

How to Foster Successful Clinical Supervision in the Virtual Space

As the world moves towards a more virtual landscape, clinical supervision can be hard to navigate. But there are steps you can take to foster success.  Let’s take a deep dive into the potential challenges of virtual clinical supervision and then explore various ways to navigate this space. Finally, we’ll look at ways you can […]

How to Recruit and Retain Pre-Licensed Therapists

Mental health organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their recruitment and retention of licensed therapists. Pre-licensed therapists can be a great asset to your organization, especially because of the current shortage of licensed mental health professionals. Hiring pre-licensed therapists allow you to increase your staff while also providing new professionals with an opportunity […]

5 Ways to Streamline Supervision for your Organization

Clinical supervision aims to facilitate the development of the clinical skills required to provide effective, ethical psychotherapy. For clinical supervision to work, it must become a priority in your organization. Let’s look at some of the most important steps, such as hiring qualified staff, retaining them, incentivizing them, promoting professional development and cultural competency, and […]

7 Ways to Network in the Virtual World

Networking is an essential element to achieving success in any professional field. As a newly licensed therapist, networking can help you make vital connections and cultivate a collection of professional contacts that will stand you in good stead in your career. As you grow and change your interests as a therapist, it is also vital […]

7 Myths of Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an inherent part of the training process for clinicians. While you have to go through the process of supervision to become licensed, there are some misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding clinical supervision. This includes even the supervisors and supervisees as they conduct and receive supervision.  Misconceptions of Clinical Supervision A better understanding of […]

7 Challenges of Effective Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an essential part of the training of all mental health professionals. The insight, support, and guidance provided by experienced clinicians can help trainees sharpen their skills. This allows new professionals to effectively enter the field with the skillset and knowledge they need in order to provide the best care for their patients […]

How Mental Health Organizations Use Virtual Clinical Supervision

Login Find a Supervisor October 4, 2022 Agency & Employer Resources Motivo is here to provide you with resources and the latest in the mental health industry so you are up to date on recent trending topics and relevant content. Sign up for our monthly newsletter How Mental Health Organizations Use Virtual Clinical Supervision October […]

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