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6 Tips to Thrive in Counseling (eBook)

In this eBook, our team at Motivo shares our thoughts on how to thrive as a mental health professional. Whether you are a student just getting in the field, a pre-licensed counselor working hard to collect your hours, or a seasoned clinician with years of experience – this eBook is for you. 

In order to survive, better yet, thrive as a professional, we must incorporate a network of support for ourselves. These tips will help you know where to start.

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In “6 Tips to Thrive in Counseling”, hear firsthand from Rachel McCrickard, LMFT (CEO & Founder of Motivo). “You are not alone on your journey,” she writes. “Motivo exists to support you in your important work of helping others.” 

Throughout this ebook, you’ll learn more about these best practices that are essential to both surviving and thriving as a mental health professional including:

  1.  Practicing what we preach
  2.  Seeking self-care
  3.  Connecting to peers
  4.  Setting boundaries
  5.  Sharpening our skills
  6.  Paying it forward

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